Myungsoo at Running Man („ ・∀・)ノ゛

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I’m all about unforgiving and hating and holding grudges because it keeps me safe and mentally healthy and I don’t care about your stupid feel-good quotes about forgiving everyone everywhere always so you can take your feel-good emotionally manipulative apologist bullshit and shove it 

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All I did was forget she was coming over

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Hearing updates on the news is heart-wrenching and I cannot imagine what the people on that ship are going though at this moment. A majority of them are high school students who were heading to Jeju Island for vacation; probably after many months of hard work and stress. My thoughts go out to the families affected by this tragedy. 

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Choose Your Character.

when does this come out omg

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precious dongwoo left the game to apologize to the cameraman he accidently hit

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Akdong Musician - Melted MV!

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